Baby photoshoot

Newborn Baby Photoshoot – 3 Months Old – Spring 2016

Don’t you just love photos of newborn babies? They’re the most beautiful, precious little subjects. A few months ago, I gifted a shoot to a dear friend of mine for her newborn baby, Sam. The shoot took place at their home, which was great as they had lovely bright light in abundance. And Sam was 3 months old. Prior to this, I had only shot extremely newborn babies – I’m talking, just a few weeks old! It can be quite daunting photographing brand new babies, so it was really refreshing to meet Sam – as he smiled back at you!!

Here are some of my favourite photos from the shoot.Sam1

The photo on the top left is so lovely because Sam is resting his head on a teddy that his Grandmother had made before he was born. I think that the little touches like that help to make photos like these just that little bit extra special.


I especially like these black and white photos, capturing the finer details of Sam. I nearly died when I saw how adorable his little dimples on his hands were and how precious his head looked in his Mum’s hands. And it was nice to capture baby’s-first-fist-bump with his Dad!


It was nice to capture some of the things around the house which will last as long as he is this tiny, like his cute range of shoes, which inevitably, he will grow out of (that breaks my heart!). The decoration in Sam’s room was lovely too because it had all been hand made by his Mum. I hope he looks back at those photos in years to come, maybe when he has his own kids, and appreciates how much effort his Mum went to to make him feel so loved. 🙂

Sam4And I can’t get over the ‘look of love’ – That moment when a newborn see’s his parents faces and they can’t help but smile! I was so lucky because Sam was definitely a happy, smiley baby. I was really pleased with the results of this. I feel like I captured him at his best and I hope his parents feel the same way.

Overall, this relaxed style of newborn photography, rather than the more staged style, felt more natural to me and I think you can see that in the results. Sam barely cried at all (only when hungry) as he wasn’t being moved into position that he wasn’t used too. And the parents were really relaxed too, in fact, they were the most chilled out parent’s I’ve ever worked with! I think 3 months might be the reason behind it – Parent’s with a baby who’s a few weeks old are still getting into the swing of things themselves and not only that, as you can see, Sam was smiling away like crazy, and brand new babies can’t smile. As a result, the parents and photographer get immediate gratification from the baby beaming back at you, making it a really rewarding experience.

It was a pleasure photographing baby Sam, and I hope to take many more photos of babies like him in the not too distant future 🙂

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