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Travel Photography – Winter Trip to Rome, Italy 2016

I can’t believe it’s March already! The start of 2016 has been really busy for me – I was preparing for, and then going to, a big trade show at the NEC for my full time job, and in late January, I was lucky enough to go to Rome in Italy! It was amazing! Below are a selection of some of the photos for you to take a look at. Fortunately, now that the trade show is over, I have a bit more spare time on my hands, so I’m hoping to take plenty of new photos for you all to look at soon!  ColosseumSo, the Colosseum and ancient Rome has to be my favourite part of the city! It was just amazing. I don’t think there’s any other word to describe it! I’m quite a History geek, so the idea of these remains being thousands of years old really appealed to me! 🙂 We were so lucky with the good weather too! These photos were taken around 9am, so the morning light was gorgeous.

Palatine Hill, The wedding cake and the Pantheon in Rome, Italy

Palatine Hill is the first 3 photos of this second block of photos and is opposite the Colosseum. Once again, it’s lots of ancient ruins, rife with the legacy of how democracy and the Roman Empire began! There’s a mixture of daylight and afternoon photos there. The middle photo, with the light flare, is of ‘The Wedding Cake’ building in the heart of the city. And the next morning, we visited the Pantheon – An amazing building, once created as a monument to the Roman Gods, and then converted to a Catholic place of worship. It’s giant hole in the ceiling (so that everyone could be closer to the Gods) was spectacular.

Food in Rome

It goes without saying that Italian food is amazing. I think the photos speak for themselves. And the Ice Cream? The best I’ve ever tasted. I really would go back just for the Ice Cream.

The Vatican MuseumAs an art fanatic, we also went to the Vatican Museum – The Sistine Chapel was amazing! We went there first as we had been told that the museum is so big, by the time you get to the chapel, it’s packed full of visitors and you’re exhausted. As a result, we had the place to ourselves and we thought it was, well, a work of art! Unfortunately, you can’t take any photos in the chapel, so you’re gonna have to do with these ones instead! We also hung around St. Peter’s Square, but I chose not to go into the Basillica – Being a tourist can get pricey and, as I don’t agree with some of the practices of the Roman Catholic Church, I decided not to part money for it. Pretty much every other Basillica in the city is free to enter and extremely beautiful, so I can’t say I feel upset about not seeing inside 🙂 It was a very foggy and overcast day – the sky matched the architecture!

Views and Landmarks across Rome, ItalyThe top photo is of the Spanish Steps, close to the fashion and shopping hub of the city, one of the highest points in the city. At the top is a beautiful view and a beautiful basillica! In the middle is a photo of the world famous Trevi Fountain. It was sooo hard to get a good photo of this as it was literally packed with tourists! Overall, I loved the feel of the city, with its shuttered windows, winding streets and bistros around every corner, it was a really vibrant and lively place to be.

As for Rome in general, it is just an incredible city! I definitely recommend you go if you haven’t already! Amazing history, fantastic food, beautiful attractions, friendly people – what more could you ask for? I really enjoyed the opportunity to practice my photography skills and I’m pleased I went. I’m hoping to visit another European city later this year, so if you have any recommendations on where to go, please let me know!

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