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Product Photography for Small Businesses

I like taking photos of pretty much everything and anything! Obviously, my favourite is portraiture, but I also enjoy a bit of food photography (thanks to my wonderful sister & health-coach extrodinaire who makes the most delicious healthy meals – check her out at facebook.com/thriveshine) and hand in hand with that is product photography – both require similar techniques and set ups.

A few weeks ago, I took some photos for Eliza Rose, a family run business specialising in home furniture and accessories; they’re also pretty great at upcycling old furniture with beautiful Everlong paint – they even run workshops teaching others how to do it! (You can check out the Eliza Rose Website here). I knew the owner, Simone, from school and we’ve worked together in the past – I helped them produce their branding, which is a story for another day! 🙂

She came to me asking if we could produce some photos for her website and social media promotion that steered clear of the typical ‘white-background-studio-shots’ that you often get supplied from wholesalers – which is a bugbear of mine! There’s nothing more clinical and uninviting than a white background! (Yes, there’s a time and place for it… but not in my photography!)

Product Photography for Eliza Rose

I’m lucky to have a big living room that I am happy to tear apart for the sake of photography and I’ve acquired a few backdrops and knick-knacks that were used to create different set ups. Simone hung out while I was shooting (I tried to shoot ‘tethered’ – which didn’t quite go to plan and is another blog post in the making!), which was really lovely and gave us a chance to catch up! And I really enjoyed taking each product and trying to make the most out of them in an interesting composition. I think, with food and product photography, it’s important to create many layers of texture, so do introduce fabrics and related items that will draw interested to the photo. I like to use a wider aperture to blur out the background while maintaining focus on the subject matter. I really am a massive sucker for highlighting depth of field! I also had the added advantage of easily adding the business logo to the images, as I had already created the logo myself, but it’s a pretty easy thing to do as an added extra for anyone who has a logo for me to use. It’s a great way for you, as a business, to stamp your branding on your products and spread the word of what you have to offer – It only takes two seconds to add a URL too, so why not? I do love a bit of typography, and have been known to add sayings to photos in the past, which is why the rule of thirds usually applies to my photos, leaving a nice space for typography to be added – all of these techniques are on trend for business promotion, so it really is worth looking into investing your time and money into making your products look as interesting as possible!

Product Photography for Eliza Rose

Anyway, hope you guys like the photos. It’s a priority of mine to help out small businesses who are trying to create a more professional look, whether it’s with good branding or photography. I especially enjoyed nattering away with Simone about her marketing ideas, and I’m always here to bounce ideas off of if you’re trying to figure out a plan for yourself! If you’re looking for an overhaul, give me a shout and I’ll see if I can help!


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