Lavender Photoshoot, West Sussex – Summer 2016


So – Lavender… I love the stuff. Especially when it’s in season. I even had a few photos of my husband and I taken in a lavender field this year… But enough about moi… Here are some photo of Sarah and Richard that I took in West Sussex in July. And how cute do they look?! I especially love how free and happy Sarah was during the shoot. If I could bottle her happiness and sell it, I would. Richard wasn’t quite as natural in front of the lens as Sarah, but I think he did well at being his cheeky self, and it shows. It was so lovely to spend the day with these two and I hope they feel like they got some good shots of them that really captured their personalities. But crops like this must be harvested and about a week after I took these photos, all of this lavender was gone!

Next year, I think I will book out a slot of time regardless of how many people I have to photograph and invite anyone who would like shots like these to book out a chunk of that time. So keep your eyes peeled around April 2017 when *hopefully* I get some confirmation on times! In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you’d like to register your interest early.



And below is a lovely, little white butterfly I managed to grab a shot of in amongst the lavender!
Cute 🙂Butterfly2

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