Easter 2016 baby photoshoot

Easter 2016 Baby Photoshoot – Baby’s first Easter

Happy Easter baby Photoshoot

Easter is such a wonderful time of year. For me, it’s signifies the transition from Winter to Spring – The long, cold nights are replaced with warmer temperatures and brighter days. I was asked to do another photoshoot for a good friend and her little daughter, Ivy; She’s nearly one, and Jo had purchased a cute little tutu and had some bespoke bunny ears made especially for her. And then… we let her loose with all the chocolate! It was hilarious to watch – her little eyes kept darting up at her mum, and you could see her thinking ‘Is mum REALLY going to let me eat all this? WHEN is she going to take it off of me??!’. It was a really bright day, so we decided to use the brightest room in the house (with a nice big window) and the set up was very simple; Jo provided the plastic mat and I bought along my damask background, which we stuck up on the wall. All that was left to do was to let Ivy loose on the sweetened goods, and I hope you’ll agree that the results are adorable!

Easter baby photo shoot

As with most of my work, there is a LOT of photoshop work behind this. Not that Ivy needed it, but I do like to try to make my photos look like they MIGHT have been produced in a professional studio. I love photoshop, I really couldn’t be without it. I think I should start freelancing as a photo-retoucher, as I actually enjoy spending hours pouring over every detail of a photo. On another note, I also used my new Lightscoop Deluxe on this shoot – It allowed me to use my camera’s own flash, but still achieve a good amount of light that bounces off of the ceiling and onto the subject. I was pretty pleased with the results! However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are trying to take photos quickly (which I was – Little babies love to throw their arms EVERYWHERE! So I knew I needed continuous shooting and a fast shutter speed!) but the flash really did slow down my camera, which I found really frustrating. None-the-less, I still managed to capture some truly cute photos of Ivy!

Easter baby photo shoot

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