Couple kissing in the ocean

Couple Photoshoot – West Wittering Beach, West Sussex – Summer 2016

I love West Wittering Beach in West Sussex. I went here after my own wedding to take a few photographs and I love getting the opportunity to take photos here. Even in the winter. But lets face it, it’s better down the beach in the summertime, and even more so at sunset, so that’s exactly where I took these young lovers last year…

close up of couple on photoshoot

Martha and Tom are a ridiculously cute couple, totally at ease with each other and just happy to enjoy the scenery and one another’s company. I’ve known Martha for just over a year and she’s a lot of fun. So it didn’t surprise me when she starting jumping around – she’s young and beautiful, so who can blame her! As for Tom, well he’s just effortlessly cool. I mean like, we definitely would not have been friends at school. I was too nerdy. So I was chuffed when I got a photo of him looking like he’s walking on water (below)… Probably the coolest photo I will ever take.

Reflection of couple in water

As for the two photos below – I am a massive fan of photoshop actions and matte effects. However, it’s hard to know when and where to use them sometimes. I loved how crisp the photos came out and didn’t really want to edit them too much, but I think this matte effect really lends itself to the shots below. I hope you agree. As for the colours in that sunset – Amazing! If only the evening sky looked that good everyday!

Couple kissing in the sunset

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