Autumnal Child/family portrait session – October 2015

This shoot was particularly fun considering that I went to school with the dad in the photos and he lived around the corner from my home for yeeeeeears… so apart from taking photos, it was also great to catch up and reminise about the past! And how things have changed… Sam’s now married and is a dad to this little 18 month old cutie!

I was really flattered that he thought of booking me to take some photos during a trip back to Gosport, and I have to say that Stanley Park is just stunning at this time of year. Not only that but they have a more natural approach to child rearing, which I enjoyed hearing about as it’s something I might consider doing if I ever have children 🙂

I hope you’ll agree that my laid back approach to photographing people compliments their style. They’re an incredibly close-knit family with a hands on approach, which I think is captured in these photos. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon out and about in the town where I grew up, hanging with an old schoolfriend and his new family.
Sam Beed and nathan

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