October Child Portrait Session 2015

How cute is this little dude! A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (who incidentally taught me to drive!) asked me to come over and take some photos of her grandson as a special surprise for her daughter. What a wonderful idea! She decided that, as he’s growing up so fast, it would be the perfect gift in time for Christmas. And I have to say that I totally agree!

Trying to take a good photo of a two year old is not easy, believe me! Despite being utterly adorable, they’re incredibly active and their cognitive ability only allows for a few words and sentences, so it’s pretty hard to communicate with them. As a result, I just let him do his own thing, and in the process, I think I captured some really nice photos of him, capturing his cheeky personality in the process!

I’m really lucky to have photographed him. I used to work with his mum, and I really hope that she’s as pleased with them as I am. In this day and age, we all have the ability to document our kids as they grow up, but not everyone knows how to use the technology on their phone or camera to its full potential, so I really do believe in investing a little bit of time and money into capturing photos that you’ll be able to look back at in years to come and think, ‘Damn, my kid was adorable!’… which is where I come in! I hope you agree that the results are worth it. You get more than just photos with children’s portraiture… you get the chance to capture a moment in time that disappears before your eyes in the present. Enjoy!

TylerI especially like these moody shots, which were taken at the beginning of the session, before he got to know me! Once he realised that I am awesome at play time, he took a liking to me!

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